Body Kits

ACT Supplier Of Body Kits

Our body kits improve performance and look incredible! Come in and talk to our team about the perfect performance body kit for your car. We’ve got a wide range of products from well-known manufacturers.

Rear bumpers 
Side skirts 
Custom or off the shelf
Fully Installed

LB☆WORKS 650S complete body kit

    Front bumper
    Side diffuser
    Rear bumper
    Rear wing
    Wide fender

LB☆WORKS F430 / 360 ver.1 complete body kit

    Front diffuser
    Side diffuser
    Rear diffuser
    Rear wing ver.1
    Wide fender

LB☆WORKS HURACAN ver.1 Complete Body kit

    Front Diffuser
    Side Diffuser
    Rear Diffuser
    Rear Wing ver.1
    Wide fender

Don’t let anything stop you buying the perfect body kit. Contact J-Racing on (02) 6280 7777 today.
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