Our range of wheels and accessories will look incredible while improving your car's performance and handling. We provide high quality and affordable brands such as Rays Engineering, PUR and ADV1 

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 Our wheels

We have a range of premium brands and products to enhance your car's performance including:
  • Rays - premium wheels made in Japan
  • ADV1 - stylish and functional, made for performance
  • PUR - striking, structural and minimal 
If you've got any questions about our range of premium wheels, don't hesitate to call or email us. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will always help you. Improve your car's performance with the ultimate wheels.
We stock:


Rays has been involved in the world's highest-level motor races, such as the F1 and GT1 World Championships, as well as in all categories of car racing that transcend the competitive level. RAYS aims to provide users of its wheels with the greatest sense of security and the highest level of satisfaction possible.


ADV.1 offers a huge variety of forged wheel sizes, styles, configurations and finishes. This palette of choices allows the consumer, in cooperation with a skilled worldwide dealer network, to choose a wheel combination that fits his or her sense of style while knowing that these choices are backed by world class engineering and manufacturing prowess.


Inspired by modern architecture and haute couture, PUR designs exclusively for world's most alluring machine art. PUR is renowned for its daring concepts, bringing a fresh, creative vision to the wheel industry. Each set is tailor made to order, giving you the absolute freedom to express your individuality.  
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